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"My home office was no longer functioning as an office but became a disorganized storage room.  I hired Lisa and with 10 hours of coaching spread over a few weeks we were able to complete the job. I donated, shred and threw out 30 boxes of stuff and set up streamlined systems to organize and maintain important documents. I am confident that I will be able to maintain it permanently. Lisa is extremely patient, understanding and easy to work with. I highly recommend her virtual services."

Tony, Vancouver, BC

"I had a huge desire to rid our home, outdoor shed and garden of clutter and piles of too much of everything! We ended up letting go of over 1000 items. It feels so great to see spaces appear where there once were piles of "things".

Thank you, for this new way of living!"

Jeanette, Langley, BC

Before working with Lisa, I was in a purgatory with the organizational state of my apartment.  With Lisa’s help, we were able to organize and consolidate my clothes, shoes, closet, desk, and kitchen.  Within a short while, my place was clean, organized and transformed.  Words cannot describe how helpful she was and how much better I feel about my place.  The best part of all is that after the session, a personal momentum was created that enabled me to continue on with additional de-cluttering projects, and I now have a system for keeping my apartment and belongings organized.  Thank you Lisa!

Andrew, Vancouver, BC

Lisa is meticulous - a very important characteristic for a cleaner! She has also done an incredible job helping us organize our overflowing space. She has some excellent organization strategies. It’s so nice to walk in to a home that is decluttered. All of a sudden it seems like there is so much more space. Highly recommend!

Shana, Vancouver, BC

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